What We Do

We offer services like Turnkey Project Management, Consultancy, Planning, Designing, Supply, Installation, Training & Maintenance for above solutions. We are proud to possess skills combining all the above seemingly diverse solutions under one roof thanks to more than 15 years of experience in Healthcare Industry and combining talent pools possessing above skill sets.
Here’s a brief idea of what we can do………
  • Digitally Integrated Operating Rooms in terms of Video Capturing, DICOMizing, Viewing, Switching, Streaming, Broadcasting, Storing & Achieving (PACS II), integration with HIS/CIS/RIS/Radiology PACS etc.
  • Enterprise level PACS, RIS, Teleradiology, 3D Workstations for Radiology
  • Cath Lab Hemodynamic Data Monitoring, CIS, Capturing and storing for Cardiology.
  • ERP Solutions, Storage Management, Networking, Cabling, HIS, Bar-coding, RFID, Access control, CCTV monitoring, etc
  • Smart IT Solutions for Pharmacy or Stores Drugs and Consumables Tracking and Management, CSSD Room Management Solutions, Laundry Tracking Solutions, System Integration, Fire Safety Management, Lift and Escalator Management, Public Information Video / Audio Displays and Notice Boards, People and Asset Location Management, Perimeter Protection, Energy Management, HVAC Management, Lighting, Business and Administrative Systems, etc.
  • Hospital Specific Enterprise Level IT Management Consultancy
  • “Truly Modular” (Customized, Flexible, Upgradable) Operation Theatre in terms of infection control, including HVAC, Laminar Air Flow, Clean Room Grade interiors and accessories etc as per prevailing standards of NABH, JCI or other international entities as desired
  • Hospital Consultancy in terms of planning, designing and implementation OT, Radiology, Cardiology and Critical Care departments from Infection Control point of view
  • Third Party Validations
  • Planning, Designing and Turnkey Implementation of Large Scale, Medium or Small Scale CSSD Rooms
  • “Highly Customized” solutions for Medical Equipment and systems, related to OT, CSSD, Radiology, Cardiology and Critical Care Departments
  • “Maintenance” and “Post Sales Service Support” (in terms of Service contract, spares, accessories) not only of above solutions provided by us but also of third party solutions* for above specialties already existing in hospitals (*selected cases).
  • In short, we are always able to provide some sort of solution for a Healthcare facility during its entire life cycle starting from planning till execution, operational, expansion and up-gradation stages. All you need to do is talk to us about your needs / problems for above departments, and we will find solutions for you fitting not only your needs and expectations, but also your budget !