Operating Rooms

OPERATING theatres are changing as technological advances expand the possibilities of what can be achieved within the sterile environment. Increasingly, doctors are looking to advanced, clean room grade and digitally integrated operating theatres to modernize and improve the treatment they provide for patients. However, for such theatres to work effectively, their design and processes need to be carefully planned.
It may seem obvious, but the real key to the successful design of anadvanced operating theatre is consultation which also requires integration among various hardware and software apart from those who will actually use the operating complex.
Our Specialized Digital Operation Room Solutions:
    • Laminar Air Flow System with HEPA Filters with/without AHU & Ducting.
    • Interior for Operating Room.
      • Pre-fabricated, insulated Modular Walls with surface material like SS, GI, Aluminum, , Glass Reinforced Polymers, Solid Mineral Surface meeting national / international standards
      • Conductive / Non-Conductive Flooring PVC, Epoxy, PU, others.
      • False Ceilings: GI/ Aluminum, others
      • Automatic/ Manual SS/ GI / Aluminum / GRP / EGP Doors.
    • Antibacterial/ Antifungal Paints, PV Wall Cladding
    • Ceiling Mounted Pendant System, Surgeon Control Panel, Storage Units, Scrub Sink Pass Boxes, etc.
    • High Quality patented Room Air Decontamination system for killing all known pathogens (up to nanoparticles responsible for SARS, H1N1, etc.)
    • Capturing, Storing, Viewing, DICOMization, Broadcasting, Storing, Reviewing and editing of various operating room videos, images on a common platform
    • It includes integration with C-Arms, Cath Lab, Endoscopes, Laparoscopes, Microscopes and other modalities
    • Capabilities to capture any video image from DICOM / NON-DICOM source in Analog / Digital format
    • Vendor Neutral Solution (can source images from all commonly used brands irrespective of their configurations)
    • Completely scalable / Upgradable platform
    • Capability to transmit images life from an Operating Room to outside receiving stations simultaneously on HD platform with bi-directional video conferencing solutions.
    • Integration with hospital management information systems / PACS / RIS /CIS.
    • Any other image obtained from source outside Operating Room can be seed on HD Monitors inside OR using Hospital PACS / HIS / RIS / CIS system.
    • OR Lights
    • OR Tables
    • OR Pendants
    • Medical Grade HD Camera / Monitors (17” to 55”)
    • Anesthesia Workstation
    • C-Arm/ Scopes of various specialties
    • Electro Surgical Units