IT Integration

SpectQual is an organization which involves healthcare, IT and Engineering professionals working together to improve IT infrastructure in a hospital or healthcare facility. We try to provide common IT framework both from Image Management and Data Management point of view in the today’s most complex Operating Room Complex, Radiology Department, Cardiology Department or for that matter, entire Hospital for building effective solutions to close the communication gaps between systems and foster their interoperability. High-quality patient care and optimized clinical workflows require efficient access to all relevant clinical data and images across the continuum of care. Orderly exchanging information between diagnostic and therapy devices, clinical systems and IT systems from a variety of manufacturers within and across hospitals is essential to achieve this goal.
Enhanced Connectivity & Workflow Optimization

Integrating and connecting systems from multiple vendors often turns out to be a complex and challenging task. Our Framework provides a standards-based foundation to reduce the complexity of systems integration in multi-vendor environments, healthcare IT standards such as DICOM and HL7 are the basis for defining interoperability building blocks to assemble larger integrated solutions.

We try to closes the gaps between disjoined systems, bridges loosely connected departments and institutions thus enabling an unobstructed flow of information, ensuring overall data consistency and eliminating sources of redundant erroneous information.

Key Benefits of IT Integration:
  • Seamless exchange of data within hospitals & across the healthcare community
  • Increase in the effectiveness of operations and efficiency of doctors.
  • Easier access to patient data and pertinent clinical information from across the locations
  • Well-defined implementation framework based on established IT standards
  • Manageable systems integration
  • Cost-effective integrated solutions
  • Our Healthcare IT Solutions:
  • Digitally Integrated Operating Rooms in terms of Video Capturing, DICOMizing, Viewing, Switching, Streaming, Broadcasting, Storing & Achieving (PACS II), integration with HIS/CIS/RIS/Radiology PACS etc.
  • Enterprise level PACS, RIS, Teleradiology, 3D Workstations for Radiology
  • Cath Lab Hemodynamic Data Monitoring, CIS, Capturing and storing for Cardiology.
  • ERP Solutions, Storage Management, Networking, Cabling, HIS, Bar-coding, RFID, Access control, CCTV monitoring, etc
  • Smart IT Solutions for Pharmacy or Stores Drugs and Consumables Tracking and Management, CSSD Room Management Solutions, Laundry Tracking Solutions, System Integration, Fire Safety Management, Lift and Escalator Management, Public Information Video / Audio Displays and Notice Boards, People and Asset Location Management, Perimeter Protection, Energy Management, HVAC Management, Lighting, Business and Administrative Systems, etc.
  • Hospital Specific Enterprise Level IT Management Consultancy
  • The above solutions are customizable solutions to meet different challenges in different hospitals and their complexities, developed mostly in Europe and USA with necessary standards applicable for Health IT environment and their Medical Applications.