CSSD Rooms

The Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) being one of the most essential departments within a hospital set-up contributes in reduction of infection rate. It is the most essential feature of the hospital. It aims at centralizing the activities of receipt, cleaning, assembly, sterilization, storage and distribution of sterilized materials from a central department where bacteriologically safe sterilization is done under controlled conditions with adequate managerial and technical supervision at an optimum cost. It contributes to reduction in hospital infection rate. It is therefore, absolutely vital to plan, design and build a CSSD room, not only from the point of view of present needs and technology, but from planning in advance for future demands, upgradability and technological adaptation point of view.
Our systems are designed for:
  • Large Scale CSSD Rooms (Recommended typically for 500 + bedded hospitals or 10+ Operation Theatres)
  • Medium Scale CSSD Rooms (Recommended typically for 200-500 bedded hospitals having 5-10 Operation Theatres)
  • Small Scale CSSD Rooms (Recommended typically for <200 bedded hospitals having < 5 Operation Theatres)
  • We build a typical Large Scale CSSD Setup including consideration and careful planning for the following areas and utilities:
  • Decontamination Area
  • Sterilization and Packaging Area
  • Storage Area for Sterilized items
  • To enhance efficiency of a busy CSSD area, we can offer various IT tools are now recommended to be used like:
  • Traceability Software which automates screening of processes and products assigned to the Central Sterilization through Bar Code Technology
  • Software for Maintenance at Distance allows monitoring and control of determined parameters of the sterilizer at distance
  • Instrument Traceability Software
  • Connectivity with main hospital server and network through IP
  • Recording of complete CSSD cycle data on a common / separate server
  • Automated Transfer System for processing departments where time is critical
  • We offer customizable equipment & solutions for CSSD rooms like:
  • Horizontal and Vertical Steam Sterilizers of various capacity
  • Washers and Disinfectors
  • Ultrasonic Pre Cleaners
  • EtO and Plasma Sterilizers
  • CSSD Instrument Carts, Storage Boxes and Storage Units
  • Clean Room Grade interiors for Sterilization and Storage Areas including Antibacterial flooring, Wall Paint / Cladding or Panels, Ceiling, HEPA Filter terminals, Doors, Pass Boxes, etc.
  • The solutions are available from Indian as well as reputed Asian and European Manufacturers meeting highest standards in quality in respective segments / categories.